Andy “Hollywood” Sables

Sometimes, when you are in a position to be able to help out your fellow human beings who are perhaps less fortunate than you are, then you have a moral obligation to do so. Not for credit. But because it’s the right thing to do.
As a group of people with the backing of the paintball community, we can make a real and measurable difference to the kids being helped by the 5 regional charities. These charities have been chosen because of the work they do with kids, along with the low to zero admin costs which seem to hover up funds from much larger charities.
I am hoping that the paintball world will get behind this industry wide initiative so we can all do something that we can be proud of for years to come.

Dave “Papa G” George

Dave otherwise known in the paintball world as “Papa G” started his charity work at NPF after his daughter’s best friend Carly got killed in an RTA. As both were doing child care at college, it was decided as a family to ask NPF (National Paintball Fields) if they could hold a charity event in aid of a Leicester charity Wishes 4 Kids. This 1st event raised over £3000 pounds for terminally and seriously ill children around Leicestershire.
Dave has continued every year to raise funds for Wishes 4 Kids at NPF with over £6000 raised since it started.
For Dave the Paintballers 4 Kids Initiative is a great idea. It has his whole hearted support and hopes it will continue for many years, so that the 5 major children’s charities who get no other support apart from fund raisers such as the 5 coordinators, will gain from the events that we attend and help and support not only from site owners but all Paintballers of the world.
Dave would love to see the idea expand overseas and across the world.

Dave “Taz” Bradley

When Dave “Papa G” George approached me to represent P4K in Scotland it was a straight away simple
YES. Doing two things I love, Paintball & fundraising for such a brilliant cause.
I chose a charity very close to my own heart “The National Deaf Children’s Society” as i too am deaf and felt if i could give something back this was the way to do it.
There are many barriers for deaf children and young people and such charities can be over looked. Barriers are being broken but we still have a long way to go in supporting and educating people. So this is my call to all of my friends in the paintball industry, lets spread the word and dig deep and support P4K’s 5 regional charities in ANYWAY we can.

Niall Squire

Paintballers for Kids is fantastic. When Dave George approached me about supporting the charity I was happy to help. Shooting Stars/Chase is a very special place, and P4k’s Southern chosen charity. It’s a hospice near Guildford that enriches the lives of kids who are not expected to reach the age of 19, and boy does it do that in style.
My best friend’s daughter has an inoperable brain stem tumour, and the improvement Chase has made to her quality of life is immeasurable. Each time I see her I am told about another exciting adventure she has been on, courtesy of this wonderful organisation.
If paintballers can put a few quid in the collecting pots, buy a few raffle tickets and actively support
Paintballers 4 Kids we can make a difference. Let’s do it !

Scott “STRYKER” Rathbone

I’m Scott STRYKER Rathbone of SPS paintball team. I was contacted by Andy Sables and asked if I would assist by being the Wales representative for Paintball 4 Kids. It was a no brainer. I said yes. Cancer has hit my family many times, both young and old. Some have survived the battles, others have not.
Anything that we can do to help the youngsters and their families suffering from the effects of this indiscriminate disease will be greatly appreciated. Individuals are greatly affected, but especially with youngsters, the extended families suffer greatly too.
Having a child diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia comes as a devastating blow. Faced with a period of months and sometimes years of gruelling treatment and an unknown future, the related ups and downs are often referred to by families as like being on a rollercoaster.
If we paintballers can do even the smallest thing to make that ride easier then I for one am totally for it and
I hope that all of my paintballing friends will help by supporting our initiative.