Paintballers 4 Kids is a charity initiative all about raising money throughout the paintball world for 5 regional children’s charities.

The 5 charities are

South – Chase –,

Midlands – Wishes 4 Kids –,

Wales – Latch –,

North – Candlelighters –

Scotland – National Deaf Children’s Society –

It was started after a conversation with Dave George and Andy Sables, who after a couple hours thrashed out many ideas about what they wanted to achieve. With that in mind they enlisted the help of 3 other well respected Paintballers and Site Owners. The initiative is being co-ordinated by Dave George (National Paintball Fields), Dave “Taz” Bradley (Tazball Paintball), Scott Rathbone (SPS Paintball Team), Niall Squire (Campaign Paintball Park) and Andy Sables (Fat Bobs Paintball Store) All of the coordinators agree that the initiative will be free of political bias and all monies go direct to the 5 designated charities above. Each coordinator has a common interest in what they all want and have a passion for helping children who for one reason or another suffer from disabilities or serious illnesses. We are hoping we can do 5 dedicated events each year where the money of those events is banked. Then monies raised at other events are split into 5 added to each of the dedicated totals, then distributed to the charities at end of each year.

The official launch of Paintballers4Kids took place at the UK Paintball Awards on November 30th 2013, but we
had stands at several major events starting with Paintfest 2013 @ NPF in July. We are trying to unite the whole paintball
community in this fund raising initiative so if you could pass on the word, it would be much appreciated.
If you would like to get involved with any of the fundraising, please contact your local regional coordinator,
your help would be very much appreciated.